We start every matter by listening for understanding. We need to know your specific short-term and long-term needs and goals from logistic, strategic, historic and revenue generation perspectives. We ask questions and listen. Effective service from Libertas and a strong relationship with us is a two-way street. The more information you provide, insight you contribute, concerns you share, the greater the likelihood that you’ll achieve a desired result. In a world with no guarantees, this can only happen when you do your part. That’s right, we said it. You need to come ready to close the deal, address the claims, achieve more revenues, attain a higher EBITDA, secure the rights. You supply the willingness to collaborate and we’ll supply the legal expertise to put you in the best position to accomplish your realistic goals through savvy, ethical, creative business and legal solutions.

We are committed to fully utilizing and leveraging our unique abilities and talents to serve our community of clients, employees, colleagues, vendors and strategic partners. Our goal is to bring a distinct value to each our relationships. For each party that value will be different. For our clients, it includes a creative or expedient legal solution; for opposing counsel it includes collaborative and efficient solutions that attain the much touted “win-win” scenarios; and for our employees, it includes creation of a supportive and prosperous work environment.

Distilling it down to the most inner-connected level, we believe that every human being has something unique to offer. By enabling others to do what they do best, we are doing our part to allow those with whom we transact business to flourish and enhance and expand their own communities. Lo and behold, this approach also guarantees (in a world with no guarantees) our own community growth. We’re tired of keeping it a secret that effective legal services actually contribute to the greater good. That goal combines the who we are with how we work and why we do it.

The Libertas culture is fueled by integrity, respect, service and personal and professional growth in all our dealings.

We are Libertas. Let us LEAD. Listen. Explore. Analyze. Deliver.